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Cabanne has joined the Mini-spacecraft steered by young captain Han Kü-Layz.? Traveling through unexplored parts of the galaxy they taste new beverage. Helium sparkling basil, ginger and strawberry shake causes distorted voice at high speed and delay in understanding each other. Fortunately space groove and breaks are full of delay and you can hear them all around. Let’s celebrate for the first time Lowris and Cabanne teaming up as King Of Delays aka K.O.D..


Lowris as been following the path of the Mini-spacecraft for ages now and was hardly trained by captain Hankü Layz to be able see the deepness of the galaxy. Discovering severals unconscious space entities around while drinking bio roquefort juice brought him to deliver new electronic messages. We now darkmatter is all around but, we don’t no what it is, here we know the frequencies. Let’s boogie space woogie while they are doing the pig war!


It’s now time for the label’s boss Pressure Point with his Rainbow Trasmission which contains micro funky and house music, the genre is in fact the one on which the label is marked.
The EP includes also a remix by the French duo K.O.D (Cabanne & Lowris)


The second release in the series comes from the french master Lowris with a remix from Sammy Dee.


Funky Fungi 003

On Funky Fungi 003 label owner Georg Stuby presents a new funky Minimal House cut.
The remix by Funk E pushes the dance floor to a higher level, while the Lowris & Ashac` Shakenlo Remix opens up the trippy after hour dimension.

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