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It’s been seven years since Smallpeople’s debut album, ‘Salty Days’. In the time since, much has changed in our world of dance music, and, so we hear, even beyond. Yet our men in Hamburg have remained dedicated to their unapologetically reassuring vision of house music as-a-whole. As well as expanding their Smallville Records shop in Hamburg’s St. Pauli, they’ve continued to act on their direct-line to the beating heart of house music at some of the world’s finest clubs, including their monthly residency at Hamburg’s legendary Golden Pudel, inviting guests such as Lakuti, Session Victim and Pantha Du Prince into the warmest dance in the grimiest club.

Of course, all these manoeuvres sit alongside their work running Smallville Records, home to the likes of Moomin, STL and Christopher Rau, and it’s sub-label, Fuck Reality. Given Julius Steinhoff and Dionne’s stewardship in filtering the creme-de-la-creme of house music from the underground and into clubs across Europe and further afield, it would be particularly cliched on this occasion to stress that their second record is “eagerly awaited.” In their own way, they have already given us enough great records.

But with ‘Afterglow’, we get another, and more importantly, one carved directly from the hearts and record collections of two individuals whose understanding of dance music appears to be some sort of blissful second-nature. This sort of earned assuredness is immediately established on opening track ‘Magic Interference’, a rolling, deep and somewhat jazzy house number with tumbling keys and sky-walkin’ chords. This steady, blissful vibe sets the tone for the first half of the record, as the pair patiently unfold their touchstones; equal parts Chicago (‘Hearts at Whole’), Detroit (‘All States of Dawn’) and Hamburg, famed for it’s transatlantic routes via groundbreaking clubs such as Front, it’s a crystalline distillation of a sound that’s earnest, but never nostalgic.

Intuitive selectors as they are, Smallpeople pick the ideal moment to up the pace for the home-run, defined here by the spiky, disco bassline of ‘Beyond’, an unexpected ingredient that Steinhoff and Dionne nevertheless manage to diffuse into spacedust. It’s a brilliant wrong footing before the wide-eyed, warm-hearted anthem-in-waiting, ‘Sonic Winds’, a wonderfully cheeky glimpse of Smallpeople as peak time heroes, before the acid-flecked shuffle of Benevolent Reciever reveals their spiritual soundboy side.

In conclusion, title track ‘Afterglow’ surmises the generous spirit at the heart of Smallpeople’s operation; a sensitive and irresistible ode to record stores, parties, community and discovery. So, worth that seven year wait’ Who cares about time, when your music’s this timeless’


Roaming are Christopher Rau and Moomin as a Team.. Do we need to say more? Believe In Reflecting is a result of a spontaneous jam-session in Berlin, without the intention to start a new project. But meanwhile the boys already played some phenomenal livesets together and it works perfectly. Smallville co-owners Smallpeople aka Dionne & Julius Steinhoff step in with a trippy remix on B1.


Salty Days

It would be a waltz to call “Salty Days” just a treaty of deep house. But it is much more than just that. The co-owners of Hamburg’s most gentle record store and label Smallville – Just von Ahlefeld and Julius Steinhoff aka Smallpeople – wouldn’t be the romanticists they are, if it would be that simple. The debut album of these two young lads with baseball hats not only honours and delves into a sound that already peaked some fifteen years ago, it also hones and elevates it, without ever falling into the Reynoldsmania trap or being old gold retold. And this is all oh-so-clear from the very start: the fine flutes of “When It’s There” go straight to your heart and they do so without any self-mockery or hipster smiles as much as the gasping 303-sounds, chirping birds and healing DX-like bass sounds a few tracks later do. “Salty Days” – an allusion not to grim times, but to a certain member’s adoration for the crystalline mineral – is blessed with a coherence that isn’t samey, with tradition that isn’t leaden and a feeling that is pure. A tough goal admittedly, but the duo succeeds bravely and most of all classily. Like a distillate of US-American innovations and the European backfire on it, the Smallpeople tell their personal love story and jump to their own conclusions. Aptly titled, “Move With Your Vision” and “Black Ice” both concentrate form and content of this album: house music that knows its roots, past and classicism, but is made with the minds and means of today. In the nineties there was the saying that it’s impossible to create an album consisting of house music and house music only (those dreary downbeat experiments still haunt us to this day). “Salty Days” is an ideality that belies that statement. Smallpeople – big sounds.


Twentyfour Ways

Here comes the sun and with the sun comes love. The outdoor season is on the run and Smallville Records present another adventure into sweetest house music. “Twentyfour Ways” presents four beautiful sunset tracks by the Benjamin Brunn, Christopher Rau and Smallpeople and special guests C-Beams aka Break SL & Sandrow Mitzschke from Dresden. Enjoy the essence of Deephouse combined on one 12inch and get your soundsystem ready for the next Barbecue!



Due to their stunning releases on Underground Quality and Laid the Smallpeople aka Julius Steinhoff and Dionne are back with a real smasher. This time they catched up Christopher Rau who will be releasing his debut album on smallville very soon. The results of the dreamteam’s jamsessions are gorgeous: two never to stop tunes which will light up the dancefloor with unforgetable hooklines. Representing the Smallville Parties in Hamburg, Berlin, Paris and Tokyo the test pressings of this double a-side already created pure magic. Meadows is reduced to the essential, produced to the max – a track on point, the way deeper Life Aquatic is none the less delightful. Won’t leave your box forever.

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