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Yuzo Iwata ‎– Kiteki EP // Pluie/Noir Recordings ‎– PNR011

Yuzo Iwata
Kiteki EP
Pluie/Noir Recordings
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1 x 12" Vinyl Only


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Pluie/Noir’s close admiration for the land of the rising sun and its artists is not new. Having released two very solid EP’s from veterans Radiq and Fumiya Tanaka in the past, the imprint drives its attention to Japan once again, this time to showcase the work of the young and talented Berlin-based artist Yuzo Iwata
Already established as a valuable and passionate organizer and DJ in Japan’s music scene, Yuzo’s ‘Kiteki EP’ is his first vinyl output after his move to Berlin, and a perfect showcase of his skills in story-telling, musical composition, and sonic wizardry. True Story (Kyakushoku Mix)’ (A1) is the EP’s melodic behemoth:
spanning through all sorts of emotional states, ‘True Story’ is a piece that’s as ‘cinematographic sci-fi’ as it is ‘early-morning club’, especially due to its very particular movement of tension and release. “Night Train” (B1) is the set piece of Yuzo’s story about locomotion: a hypnosis-inducing, constantly moving musical
translation of a night-time train ride through Japan, with a dubby deep low-end that constantly reminds the listener to keep moving. ‘Ueno’ (B2) is the last track of the EP and also the name of a train station in Tokyo, which (not) coincidently
is the last station from multiple regions in Japan since a long time. Here, like a chameleon, Yuzo shows his versatility as a producer capable of bending musical genres where groove and sonic engagement are key to success.
The release was visually interpreted by the Japanese painter Mamoru Kondo through a traditional and highly special technique of rock painting mixed with animal glue, translating Yuzo’s musical train into a unique graphical work.

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