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RoaЯ, Zolbaran - I Wanna This Record // Work In Progress - WIP002

Juan Zolbaran | RoaЯ
I Wanna This Record
Additional Artists:
Nico Forster |
Work In Progress
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1 x 12" 160 gr. Vinyl Only

Coming hot on the heels of their debut release (a stunning record by ROAR), French imprint WORK IN PROGRESS returns here in triumphant and eclectic fashion courtesy of a record that does their reputation as serious party-starters no harm at all. Again featuring the talents of ROAR, this is a dizzyingly eclectic record that fans of smile-induing house and disco are sure to admire especially. The A1, the title track, ‘I Wanna This Record’ is a case in point. A really vibe-heavy disco-centric track that’s notable for its killer vocals and acid techno flashes, it’s an unlikely gem of the sort that will light up any floor. For their contribution, London duo The Willers Brothers turn the track on its head, opting instead for a more straight-up, 4/4 remix. Muscular and full of wonders, it’s without doubt a neat addition to the original’s charms.

The B side sees ROAR side up with Zolbaran courtesy of another cheeky and playful track, ‘Neukolln Baila La Bamba’ Starting toward pop sensibilities in a manner not dissimilar to Kompakt, this one pulls at the heartstrings in much the same way that Gui Boratto’s best work does. An emotive, pleasure-seeking cut that’s hard not to love, that’s for sure. Closing out the release is the no-less assured sounding strands of ‘Modulando El Piano’, which sees ROAR & Zolboran go toe-to-toe with Nico Forster for a sultry, piano-heavy gem that’s never boring and always unpredictable. Unconventional sounds that evoke memories of Perlon and Kompakt, WORK IN PROGRESS’ latest is a joy to behold.


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