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Stefan Vincent - The Auxiliary Phase // Nightime Drama - NTD011

Stefan Vincent
The Auxiliary Phase
Nightime Drama
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1 x 12"
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Australian label Nightime Drama builds on its assured discography with a new EP from Dutch artist Stefan Vincent, while one half of Artefakt aka Nick Lapien assumes his Metropolis alias for a remix. Stefan Vincent has a decade long career that has taken him to labels like Dynamic Reflection, Anagram and Traut. Here he offers Exigent Mistress, a cavernous and dubby minimal techno cut that has warm, gooey bass and drums interwoven with each other to hypnotic effect. The Metropolis remix is a mind melting affair with warped and bendy synth lines looping over and over and taking you deeper down the rabbit hole. Dissociation is the next original and is a more journeying techno cut that looks to the cosmos with its swirling sci-fi pads and sense of edgeless infinity all run through with a soft sense of acid. Last of all, Grey Haze is a skeletal groove with deft and delicate sound designs, dreamy pads and suggestive percussive sounds that suspend you in mid air. This, then, is an EP of high grade and mindful techno.


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