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BAKU 11111

Baku is you, its us, its we. Their music brings us joy. That’s the simplest explanation, right? We listen to their music because it awakens something inside of us. Something exuberant. Or thoughtful. Or something sorrowful. Their music is spiritual like that. BAKU is community. This community is also why you scream at the top of your lungs and pump your fists with friends on a party. You feel connected to something bigger than yourself . BAKU!


The fifth instalment of the Hoxton Records story turns to Alan Castro, who has already had a busy year appearing on the likes of For Club, STAMP and Soundterasse. The vibe is stripped down and unhinged on this record, with lead track “El Avion De La Mentira” unfurling in a strange tapestry of samples, found sounds and off kilter synth rubs strapped to a crafty set of drums. Modebaku delivers a more streamlined version of the track that keeps things freaky, but much more linear than the wayward original. “Sequela” on the flip is no slouch in the adventurous department either, with swathes of modulating tones and wild sonic matter flinging around a funky shuffle, which Ted Amber then dutifully bolsters with a rubbery b-line on his more functional but still daring version.

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