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Family Jubilee III

Family Jubilee III – Part 2 is the second installment of a fabulous overview into Meanders momentum – featuring three club-oriented groovers from Cristi Cons, Topper and DeWalta.


Fresh start. The first representation of Synkroniq record label.
SYNKRO001 entitled “Close to Midnight EP” is presented by Cristi Cons and contains 2 new school house cuts with plenty of melodic content and driving basslines.


Assembling Pieces

Traumer, the parisian mastermind, delivers an incredible LP (3×12-) including the highly awaited -Baud-, -Strap- and collaborations with Cristi Cons, Steve O Sullivan & Priku – artwork by the talented Juli Jah. Essential piece to any vinyl collection!


NoHamilton EP

A consistent source of clued-in house and techno, Archie Hamilton’s Moscow imprint has been feeding discerning fans of electronic music since 2010. During that time, the London- based producer has supported established and up-and-coming names alike, those more often with a focus geared towards the dancefloor. The label’s latest offering comes from Hamilton himself, who teams up with Panick Panick! label owner Noha, offering a collaborative EP that is a fitting snapshot into the work of both individuals.

The NoHamilton EP gets underway with ‘Lip Service’, a rough-and-ready track with firm emphasis on a grinding, hypnotic loop that easily surpasses your average DJ tool. Highly finessed and progressing steadily, it’s the perfect example of how to do less with more.

Looking towards more sun-kissed planes, the duo deliver the EP’s A2 track, a more heads- down cut that’s loaded with good-time grooves from the get go. Sure to work a charm whenever it’s unleashed, ‘Bored of Life’ serves up an intriguing insight into both producers’ boundless studio output.

Romanian duo SIT culminate matters with their ‘Lip Service’ rework. Consisting of Cristi Cons and Vlad Caia, the pair have been excelling consistently, with both their Resident Advisor mix and latest release on the iconic Sushitech label proving a potent reminder of this. Taking the listener down the rabbit hole once more, they inject Archie Hamilton & Noha’s original with an eerie sheen, also adding an off-kilter baseline that’s hard not to get lost in. A suitably groove-led but unconventional interpretation, it closes off the EP with the sort of distinction we’ve come to expect from Moscow.


Sursa Delicata EP

No Time For Love is back!With one the finest Romanian sound representative: Faster!
Faster is continuing to develop his unique deep and hypnotic sounds. He have worked and supported from Masters like Rhadoo, Priku, Cristi Cons and SIT and more.. being one of the most acclaimed artist at Sunwaves festival, this EP exclusive on vinyl, is the maximal expressions of his unique sound.

Only 300 copies. No repress!


Original Series 01

Original Series 01 ft. Mihai Pol & Cristi Cons Remix. 500 copies, Hand Stamped, no repress, with a piece of Art for the cover picture


Right There EP

10% discount!
The cover has a bent corner!
former price 12,50 €

Presence steps in with its first EP: ALSI – Right There EP

The release, signed by Limpid and Einzig under the ALSI collaboration, presents itself with a thick atmosphere, a canvas for the colorful house & techno accents spread across Side A. On one hand you’ll find yourself on a cosmic pursuit, when listening to „Right There“: each kick is meticulously carved to awaken the very good feeling that you are on the right path. On the other hand, „Locked“ will subtly throw you deep into a psychedelic fairytale, with fragments of strings bouncing against weird sonic shapes.

Cristi Cons & Vlad Caia aka SIT push the journey further with their sci-fi electro reinterpretation for „Right There“, that kind of cut that creates deja vu moments on the dance floor.

The artwork contains hidden messages, twisted inline with the sounds.

Right There sets the framework for the future Presence releases, time capsules for the ever expanding electronic underground, as we know it.


Little Angel

Infuse027 marks label head Enzo Siragusa’s debut solo EP on the imprint. For the occasion, he finally releases ‘Little Angel’, a track close to his heart which was debuted on his BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix at the end of 2016.

Embellished with swinging drums, and gentle soaring pads, it’s a feel-good masterstroke of Deep House. On the flip is Romania’s Cristi Cons on remix duty, who keeps things deep but adds a subtle attitude that builds throughout, all while paying homage to the original.


Peace Monarchy

Lovely The Mole debut on Meander. Sun-infused, jacking and swinging house cuts with a very intuitive flow. In the past few years the Canadian born, Berlin based producer released a string of exceptional releases for labels like Slices Of Life, Perlon, Musique Risquee, Wagon Repair and his own Maybe Tomorrow. Includes a remix from Romanian genre-bending project Amorf (Vlad Caia, Mischa Blanos and Cristi Cons).


Perceptual EP

Impressive 180g double vinyl release from Romanian Cristi Cons ([a:rpia:r], Amphia, SIT). Let the music speak for itself.


Beautiful sonic sorcery from Cristi Cons and DeWalta. Elegant, warm, subtle but energetic music, creating a momentum of infinity. Our favorit Romanian artist known for his productions, his quality Amphia label, a:rpia:r as well as his SIT project with Vlad Caia teams up with DeWalta from Berlin who continues to refine his output on Meander.


Noises EP

Nervmusic´s third release in the NMS series comes from Fonetica, a new collaboration project between Cristi Cons and Dubtil.

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