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Hidden in a world of anonymity we are craving for intimacy.

AI. The second output in the MAT editions series on CLIKNO is a double 12″ separated into “Anonymity” and “Intimacy”. The digital world and social media in particular change our perception and behavior; our values and morals undergo a transformation and
shift. How much are we still anonymous? How much are we still intimate (with us/with others)? What does anonymity and intimacy mean to us today?

MUSIC. Dr.Nojoke shows on AI his deeper, darker and trippier side.

A. Petar Plet Plete is a Bulgarian tongue twister sung by anonymous voices, which hypnotize through endless repetitions over a straight Maurizio-esque groove with odd melodic percussion. Nivin grooves elegantly with typical Dr.Nojoke clicks and sophisticated loops of a mysterious female voice reminding slightly to Kraftwerk’s Man-machine era.

I. EOW and Nuknot are both intimate orgies of thick textures of reverberations and reflections as if space is folding in itself and time is on hold. EOW seduces with a heavy kick-drum groove and a triplet bassline underneath crawling through unconscious memories. Woe! Nuknot is carried by transcending atmospheres, a dubby low end bassline and a repetitious glassy sound, that can drive a crowd into madness – inspired by Moritz von Oswald and Deadbeat. Nuknot ends with an ambient lock groove.

ART. CLIKNO curates artworks from living artists. On MAT ed.02 CLIKNO is proud to present digital artist Lucas Gutierrez and his work “Your Mesh.sgl”, originally part of the exhibition – Knowledge Of – at Aperto Raum Berlin, 2017. An exhibition and dialogue exploring the term “knowledge” and the manner in which self-studies are structured within contemporary artistic approach.

TEXT. MAT02 comes with writings to anonymity and intimacy from the Danish philosopher, actress and choreographer Marianne Kjaer Klausen.

The album celebrates also the 15th CLIKNOversary of Dr.Nojoke.


Inventing Importance – With its third vinyl release CLIKNO starts the MAT editions, which brings together contemporary art with profound texts and deep techno music equally, a conceptual and collectible series for heart, soul and mind – conceived by Dr.Nojoke.



CLIKNO is proud to present the second strike of Dr.Nojoke’s double EP ‘zero’.

‘Aplose’ is a straight 10 minute-stomper, which sounds like a wild horde of percussionists clanging and banging cans and pots. The truth is the doctor just threw glass marbles on a wooden floor. Fun-time! For the hips he adds a low rolling bassline and for the head some freaky, randomly pitching chords and off it goes! Call it afro-kraut-jazz-tech or just clikno – Aplose is a counter-action to electronic music production with electronic machines – marbles do it as well!

‘Kumuestu’ on the flipside is the antagonal piece on zero.two – more dark and deep it is music for a fictional ritual. Carried by a hypnotic fluctuating bass-figure and drones the tune slowly mutates into a shamanic rhythm monster creating a resonating field for transcendental dancefloor action – from here to eternity.

Zero.two is purely audiophile electricity to twitch your body in all directions. Do the clikno!

Again zero.two is a limited vinyl-only release pressed on transparent vinyl coming in a transparent sleeve – transparent as light, as ideas, as music and as the world should be – no borders, but freedom, peace and equality for everyone!



Transparent as light, as ideas, as music and as the world should be no borders, but freedom and equality!

The new vinyl-imprint CLIKNO is set to present Dr.Nojoke’s delicate understanding of contemporary dance-music, which is crafted and designed of self-made field-recordings as sample-source and which aims to trigger hips, belly, heart and mind equally. presents two unique Dr.Nojoke tracks in a totally transparent lay-out. The artwork shows some objects he performs with. The CLIKNO-side is taken up entirely by the thirteen minute piece copipo_, a slowly transforming and care-fully constructed minimal groove-machine. In the first five minutes the track defines the space we’re in creating a slightly lost feeling. When pitched kalimba-loops get introduced the track takes a surprising turn letting us ride on a little wave of happiness still nurturing the hypnotic groove with its intricately shifting elements. Raising drones and melancholic harmonies push it back to the darker side then before the track zooms back to its rhythmical skeleton slowly falling apart and vanishing into the void.
The other side is driven by the relentless rhythm of pariko_. In the center stands a rhythmical guitar-like sound, which ebbs and flows around poly-rhythmic patterns steadily increasing the emotional level. The track peaks when a resonant synth and a noisy drone joins the game until we got immersed in a stereophonic pulsating field as if krautrock meets techno for another hypnotic dancefloor adventure.

It comes on transparent vinyl in a transparent sleeve with a silver/black CLIKNO sticker inside.

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