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This is Gypsea aka Domi Diewez from Mannheim. It’s his first solo EP, striking with a A1 bomb and breaky patterns. Get the vibes of the Be9 talent from studio 2. Limited release!


Morning Funk

After their joyful meeting back in the Cloverleaf Days, Smallville Buddies Jacques Bon and Christopher Rau are finally back as a team to present two jams of rough-but-sweet house music. Jacques is running the Paris-dependance of Smallville in France, though living in Hamburg since a while. He recently released on Berlin-based label Aim. Christopher Rau, well-known in the world of house after records on Pampa, Ethereal Sounds, Dérive and of course Smallville- just to name a few. Together as Bon & Rau, they travel along the blurry side of the moon.


Funky Fungi 003

On Funky Fungi 003 label owner Georg Stuby presents a new funky Minimal House cut.
The remix by Funk E pushes the dance floor to a higher level, while the Lowris & Ashac` Shakenlo Remix opens up the trippy after hour dimension.


Funky Fungi 002

Funky Fungy 002 is written and produced by Mo Stern, a sound-engineer and speaker-developer from Berlin,  in collaboration with Alex Trebo (MopMop) and is made of three tracks by 3 different projects of them:
On the A-side there is Digital You´s “Nouchkanäe”, a 10mins trippy instrumental journey with some impressive vocals from Mari Mana.
B1 is a remix of TSB´s “Crush”.  TSB is another project from Mo and Alex Trebo. The remix duties have been assigned to label-owner Georg Stuby, which provided a balanced and groovy track.
On B2 we can find Mopiman´s “Return Of The Psycho Vip”, a more cryptic and complex production, with intricated sounds that find together their coherence and balance when played on a proper sound system.


Funky Fungi 01

Funky Fungi preps its debut release featuring two tracks, one from label owner “Georg Stuby” and another one by his production trio “The Gravy Underground”.

Hailing from Zurich Switzerland, Georg Stuby is a longstanding house and techno DJ, producer and teacher. His new creation, Funky Fungi is a vinyl based record label working as an outlet for Georg and his friends to release their music. Aside from the solo release, this EP also features The Gravy Underground, a collaborative project with Georg’s friends Christopher Lawrenz & Jonas.


Jazz The Two Of Us

Our dear friend Funk E returns to Raum…Musik after a long time and we are happy to have him back. Being one of the very few artists that did four releases in total on our label, he is one of the label’s main artists for sure. His new release holds four tracks with different moods and styles but always Funk E.


Placeless EP

New material by Losoul – There’s a lot of open space today. These tracks take the challenge to travel it.. surrender to it.. slowly. in a deep – raw – contemplative fashion – with that notorious funk edge !


Shape 5

For the 5th release of deep minimal label Adult Only Shape, sub division of Adult Only Records, roumanian Funk E and his germain conspirator Ogeid bring us a fresh energy which is fusion of sequences and space sound.
On side A, a characteristic track of Funk E and Ogeid in search of the miraculous with synthesizer and piano in the shuffled house beat, we can also feel a funk in the bass, a magic pad leads them all. B1 Law of Octave recalls us good old Trax Records accompanied by a simple rhythm which is effective.. The EP ends with Road of Purpose, which has massive techno influence with splash of synthesizer and endless modular sound. A long journey no trap.
Three sublimes cuts you can’t miss


Mind Black EP

Continuing its streak of red hot releases, Modeight Records now shines a light on an exciting new talent in Icelandic artist Ali Demir. Injecting a funky, infectious energy into 3 original compositions, backed up by a sublime remix from label head Silat Beksi himself. The young artist beguiles the listener with his raw and rollicking flow. From the uber fun, head bobbing bassline jam on “Fluent Whistler”, to the slick electronic riffs of “Kumpas”, and the deep, sub sonic wiggle of “Blackout”, Ali Demir carves out a sophisticated and immensely enjoyable sonic journey. A breakout release for an artist who’s certainly be one to watch in future.



Three lush funky emotional tracks on new label by Thomas Melchior…
It’s the beginning of a spiritual journey. Enjoy


New Sky

The ´New Sky´ EP is the production debut of a mysterious Russian talent known as Ivanov, and about whom little is known past his reclusive Buddhist existence and his background in guitar, which is clearly evident on the title track. Underlain by rising and falling atmospheric washes and understated percussion, ´New Sky´ is propelled by a funky, jazzy and clearly organic keyboard solo that closely approximates his familiar stringed instrument in texture, tone, and musical development. Next up is minimal legend Soulphiction, who masterfully beefs up the original with a fat, growling bassline and more aggressive, hard hitting drums and claps that take the dreamy mood of Ivanov’s track and transform it into something more cosmic and psychedelic while retaining its musicality. On the flip, a new tune entitled ‘Deep’ gets revisited by Lucidflow label heads Klartraum, who have recently shifted their digital imprint to vinyl. Here they bring things towards the dubbier end of the spectrum with a slow-building track that goes from hazy beginnings to an ominous, dramatic breakdown and then into a harder grooving second half. Taken together, these three tracks are an auspicious beginning for a new name and label, and in fulfilling the stated goals offer great promise of things to come.


Perlon presents the new long player of Chris KordaApologize To The Future LP

Welcome to another polymeter dance! Feel free to express yourself, subordinate to any measures and cycles you prefer, there are plenty for everyone and any purpose.
Every track represents a variety of rhythmic possibilities for any part of the body to communicate with. This allows you to resonate with the universe, but please always care for the environment!
The dunning voice of today will introduce to you the core issues of tomorrow. As if a paralyzed mankind would not be able anymore to speak out the inevitable, a posthuman being has taken over. This entity is the master of ceremony who conducts an array of machines that will take further action to communicate, supported by complex
polymeters. The repetition of measures and cycles of different lengths reflect the repeatedly pronounced statements of a narrative of awareness.
Where music visionaries once celebrated the transfer of human creation into machines, Chris Korda’s machines are creators themselves – creators of a safer dance into the future. The machines speak to you with a sparkling, funky tone to gain your confidence. Here are the rules of interaction: 1) Humans may not injure these
machines or, through inaction, allow a machine to come to harm. 2) Humans must obey the orders given by the machines except where such orders would conflict with the engagement in environmental issues. 3) Machines must protect their own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the engagement in environmental issues. Take care and enjoy the future!



Understory unveils four beautiful works from our dear friend Pîrvu. A champion raver that we have shared many dances with in Berlin, Bucharest and beyond, his deep understanding of this music has led to the formation of a lovely and very personal sound that we have found so refreshing. Four different moods and explorations, psychedelic funk from peak party to ambient depths. With strong support from Rhadoo and Dan Andrei, who have used these to great effect recently, we’re very excited to present this music to the world.


Get Together

The third vinyl-only release on Form&Terra Records is all about “Get together“. Four artists gather on the 12 inch record to undertake a journey into electronic music together. First, Peter F. Spiess saddles his shimmering “Celluloid Pony” with minimal and techno vibes and rides high into the air via rough sound structures and flashing melodies. There Cie built his “Wolkenburg” and floats with it groovy and with great attention to detail into new layers of the atmosphere. On the B side, “Numbers Talk” by Prakash from Gran Canaria enchants with a wonderful groove that is as deep and blue as his home in the Atlantic Ocean. Markus Funke ushers in the final trip back to Cologne with his dubby techno monster “Levissima”. Four wonderful tracks for all discoverer who have a thirst for adventure on the dance floor.


The distance from Ricardo’s last field trip “Thé au Harem d’Archimède” (PERL43) in 2004 to the present epic 5×12″LP-Set is a galaxy of electronic expression through sound independent from time and pace. It is said that Funk is defined by the notes that are not being played. The space between the notes here is so vast that Funk becomes transformed into the spirit that creates unfathomable emotional adventure. The rules of dynamics between 0 and 1 shift the relation from reality to relaxation. 14 freefloat sessions are made of natural, secret ingredients from the limbic system of astro aztecs. They evolve from rituals, ending in the release of the sinuous percussion ghost from the machine who breathes out a score for easy living. Which sounds like a primordial soup aerosol of funky molecules and molluscs.


The distance from Ricardo’s last field trip ‘Thé au Harem d’Archimède’ (PERL43) in 2004 to the present epic 5x12LP-Set is a galaxy of electronic expression through sound independent from time and pace. It is said that Funk is defined by the notes that are not being played. The space between the notes here is so vast that Funk becomes transformed into the spirit that creates unfathomable emotional adventure. The rules of dynamics between 0 and 1 shift the relation from reality to relaxation. 14 freefloat sessions are made of natural, secret ingredients from the limbic system of astro aztecs. They evolve from rituals, ending in the release of the sinuous percussion ghost from the machine who breathes out a score for easy living. Which sounds like a primordial soup aerosol of funky molecules and molluscs.


The distance from Ricardo’s last field trip “Thé au Harem d’Archimède” (PERL43) in 2004 to the present epic 5×12″LP-Set is a galaxy of electronic expression through sound independent from time and pace. It is said that Funk is defined by the notes that are not being played. The space between the notes here is so vast that Funk becomes transformed into the spirit that creates unfathomable emotional adventure. The rules of dynamics between 0 and 1 shift the relation from reality to relaxation. 14 freefloat sessions are made of natural, secret ingredients from the limbic system of astro aztecs. They evolve from rituals, ending in the release of the sinuous percussion ghost from the machine who breathes out a score for easy living. Which sounds like a primordial soup aerosol of funky molecules and molluscs.


Still Vause

After Dana Ruh highly acclaimed contribution for the SOL10 compilation in 2018, now her 12inch follows with three driving, funky and percussive house tracks!


Perdu EP

After two Various Artists releases, the Berlin-based Being All Here Records presents a full EP called “Perdu” by the talented Robert Monarch.
The A-side starts with a breaky Minimal-House track called “Introduction”. Followed by “Lumens” a proper deep house tune made right for the dance floor.
The title track “Perdu” is on the B-side and perfectly made for some proper goosebumps moments. “Trouille” comes around the corner with a funky Saxophone to complete the EP.



NCSS004 by Sukhumvit Records

Fabe providing happy chord flows paired with deep German vocals on the A side – Outro for goosebumps on the inside.

The flip starts funky – dance floor killer – tremens is for the mind, it will put you in the right place. First release of Bermont right here – great combo with buddy Fabe. Special record!


Moving Spaces

Morning People is born to focus on avant-garde Deep House and future hypnotic minimal funk. The label debuts with it’s first EP by young talent, Stefan Nicu aka Sublee. The Romanian artist is well known to the industry with sublime releases on labels like Metereze, Serialism and Meander. His signature sound has unmistakable swing, funk ridden loops and organic flavours. His work is favorite of Raresh and many more masters of the groove. The entire EP is playful and elegant, never loosing the focus on the dance floor but always keeping the style flying high.


Put on your dancing shoes. Mr. Jauche comes with first two tracks, of his upcoming album. A mix of boogie, house, groovin´ basslines and funky chords will grab you to the dancefloor, so dance more!


Nocturnal Moves

Remarkable minimal studio takes on Sketches 7th Release. Neotropical is a studio collab between Thomas Melchior and Stekke.

Main side, The Chill, Original Version, on funky minimal groove. B side, Level Within, atmospherical vibes as Sketches first release and a special Tool Version of The Chill.


Flaneur 6 Comes With A Fucking Release Of Da Fucking Machmovers Hit – Jaegermeister From The Fucking Better – back In The Days, Days. This Fucking Fantastic Release Includes Fucking Amazing Reworks By The Fucking Living Legends Oliver Dollar And Dj Jauche And For Sure Da Fucking Original Stomper. Last But Not Least, On Da B Side Is A Fucking Cheesy Version Of – smooth Operator. This Release Is A Fucking Bomb. If You Miss This Fucking Vinyl, You Are Fucked Up. Fuck Ya Funksters.


“Nachtboutique – Dirty Nights And Boogie Lights AS 1
New Berlin vinyl label releases their first album sampler from their forthcoming album “Nachtboutique”.
Influenced from disco, funk, soul, oldschool electro and house, we present to you the first vinyl of the album series. Throughout the first three tracks we move from floaty house through to a disco orientated number and finish with a downbeat slowhouse jam.”


Funny Shark EP

“again Unique Trax brings us a record completely by Argentines, this time Zolbaran and Bodeler present us Funky Shark EP in the originals and Rodrigo Dp with his aka Rigzz and the house master Jorge Savoretti in the remixes.



Computer says ‘mmm!’ to this electro 5-tracker from Binaural, the second release on Lisbon label Dream Ticket. Jasper de Jong serves up big portions of wry kraft-funk on the A, followed by jazzy afters both smooth and crunchy on the B. Matched wines are a must.


All Grown Up EP

Dutchman William Caycedo graces Adult Only with his presence, as the label hits its 49th release. One of the newest members of the SlapFunk family from the Netherlands, William is young, hungry and talented – bringing that fresh energy to Adult Only with aplomb. His dalliances with hip hop and breakbeat demonstrate his ability to move between styles with confidence and panache, and this four-track EP features a whole host of avant-garde sounds that fit the Adult Only ethos perfectly.


Merge EP

Poker Flat Recordings drop a new four-track EP from Greek Techno / House producer Thanasis Voulgaris. Under his Kindimmer moniker, Voulgaris has been putting out quality dancefloor music since 2010, including a handful of releases already for Steve Bug’s iconic Poker Flat label.

‘Merge’, the title track sets the tone with a killer, propulsive rhythm, adding chopped up organ stabs and shuffling funky percussion. ‘Swift Changes’ has a similarly deft touch, all slinky chords that bring about thoughts of the classic Detroit sound, while adding his own signature take. ‘It’s Coming’ is a little harder, with a booming kick and tricky hats, before opening up into another deep bomb that will keep the more discerning floors in raptures.

‘Ride With Me’ exes its funk – the groove jacks a little harder and the vibe is de nite- ly ready to make the basements sweat.


Night Riots EP

Poker Flat Recordings offers up another mouthwatering collaboration in the form of this EP by Mennie and Julien Sandre.

Mennie hails from Italy, and had fast been gaining a serious reputation on the underground, both as a resident at Club 999 in his home country and as a talented up and coming producer. Teaming up here with the Frenchman Julien Sandre, this is an international project that will hit home with DJs and house lovers globally.

The Night Riots EP kicks off with ‘Partitions’, which sees the boys in sparkling form – twisting and teasing a sick groove out of fairly simple sources.

‘Darth J’ follows a similar path – the devil is in the detail, and Mennie and Sandre get down to some serious beat science, punctuated with some subtle chords and vocal stabs in the process.

‘In A Pixel World’ reveals the pair’s love of classic Chicago vibes distilled though French Touch, bringing in a super funky groove filtered though various effects and processes, and paying homage to the timeless sounds of early Daft Punk.

‘No More’ closes out the EP with a yet another weapon – a ray of house sunshine that skips along on a fidgety beat offset by filtered strings and chopped up vocal stabs. It’s got summer written all over it.


Scenario #6

Vinyl Only, versatile V.A. release from Deep House to Techno incl. Tracks by Victor Stancov, Pola, Purveyors Of Fine Funk (aka Dan Curtin) and John Jastszebski


Th / Flux

So at almost twelve minutes duration Sleep Is Commercial’s Andrea Ferlin rushes head first into the bliss. Th starts the clock running sequencing a crisp, tight drum loop plus an array of unnerving, funky and fidgety sounds that cumulate in this compelling, excellent production. Next, and possibly even more intense, is Flux which channels future psychedelia into dark, brooding atmospheres alongside weird, contorted voice-like expanses. Operating on a deeper level than most you can also sense the avant-garde operating in amongst the smoky drums and shuffling urgency. Or, you could of course just say of both numbers that they provide strange, wonderful life-affirming music.


Betke Returns On Sol8 With A Driving Funky Dub Techno Track Plus 2 Great Deep Remixes By So Inagawa And Baaz!

Some Good Things Take Time, Originally Produced By Stefan Betke In 2008, “Paris-Beirut-Texas“ Never Went Beyond The point Of Being A Funky And Very Rough Sketch. For Various Reasons it Got Stuck In His Live Performances And “Paris-Beirut-Texas“ Was Never Completely Finished Until The End Of 2015. We Are Very Happy That This Groovy Deep Driving Dub Techno Pearl Is Finally Being Released On Vinyl!

The B-Side Has Japanese Producer So Inagawa Turning The Original Version Into A Light Footed Swinging House Track. So inagawa has Been Releasing Music Since 2005 And Reached The Height Of His International Acclaim With Two 12 Inches And An Album For Cabaret recordings .

Our Beloved Slices Of Life Artist baaz (Owner Of Office Recordings), Adds To This B-Side A Stripped Down To The Ground Version Of Betke´S Track, Creating A Warm Mysterious Dub House Atmosphere With Echoing Sounds And Voices That Seem To Talk To Us From The deepest Depths.



The Mole Is Back On Slices Of Life With 3 New Tracks And 3 Different Views On The House Music Of These Days. Two Years After “Hang In There Fry Guy” (Sol4) Colin De La Plante Continues His Collaboration With Slices Of Life. The Canadian Producer And Dj Is Very Well-Known For His Love For A Wide Range Of Music, Which Is Reflected In His Inspiring Dj And Live Sets. Though His Favour For Soulful Music Always Shines Through In All His Productions, It Is Most Evident In The Edits Of His “7 Inches Of Love” Series As Well As In The Trippy Excursions On His Own Imprint “Maybe Tomorrow”.

Accordingly, The 3 New Tracks For Slices Of Life Offers An Exciting Insight Into Various Musical Worlds Of Colin De La Plante. “Inhuman” Surprises With A Higher Bpm Rate Than You Might Expect From The Mole, But The 8-Minute Track Breathes A Warm And Humorous Funk And At The Same Time Twinkles Mischievous From The Dancefloor. Almost In Contradiction To The A Side, “Another One Of Those Nights” Offers A Deep And Almost Melancholic View On The Night And Its Various Side Effects. And Finally, “Hot Tea Dog Man” Links Perfectly To “Now I Understand” From Sol4: A Hypnotic Beat That Concentrates On The Essentials And A Few Well Set Elements That Carry The Track Wonderfully And Endlessly.

But Experience The Words Of The Master Himself: “I Did Hear Recently That There Were 12 Million Pigs In Holland, Compared To 17 Million Humans .. That’s A Lot Of Pigs… And Pig Meat Is In Everything… Like Some Wines … In The Production Of Wine, Gelatine Can Be Used As A Clarifying Agent. The Gelatine Reacts With The Tannins And Bitter Substances And Absorbs Cloudy Elements That Can Then Be Separated From The Drink… But Pigs Didn’t Really Have Much To Do With This Record… “



After his separation from Playhouse in 2007 and the rather longish break that followed it, it looks as if Isolée has finally found their new homebase with Pampa Records. Evidence of this may be found in such unprejudiced tracks as “Taktell”, a single extracted from the album “Well-Spent Youth” . As is tyical for Isolée, it defies any clear-cut genre classification and creates its very own harmonic setting, merging associations of pop, house and distant landscapes into a unique sound voyage. Now his second EP on Pampa is being released, and “Allowance” doesn’t leave an inch of a doubt where the road is headed. Without making any concessions to the needs of a DJ, from bar one the theme is being introduced in all its inherent necessity and then continually established until a seemingly worn-out, mainstream, pop autotune voice settles upon the cosy bass bed just like a cherry on the cake. We haven’t known Isolée anywhere near as free and poppy in a very long time. A more mix-friendly version of the track will be available for digital download. “You Could Do Your Memories” lures the listener away into a daydream, as if he suddenly found himself in an unknown place at a new-wave party that cannot possibly have happened the way it did. “Wobble”, on the other hand, leaves only few questions unanswered, the party definitely looks familiar, and just when we reach that point where the funk motif resulting from the fusion of bassline and chords is threatening to wear us down, we are being released.


To Jic Headz EP

After the great success of our first Basswalk Limited series release, we have the huge pleasure to bring you this second edition made by the rising star Zlatnichi with his To Jic Headz EP, which includes four absolutely groovy tracks. In the A side we have French Cuckold Games first, which is magnificent voyage composed by several and subtle percussion layers that creates a great hypnotic vibe that is mainly followed and driven by a very funky bass line and low-end. The second track of this side is Jazzerai. It presents several house elements and a great work over the vocals and jazz fills that gives this track a quality upgrade for sure. For the B side we have To Jic Headz at first, which shows several musical textures in correlation with an amazing groove driven by a great low-end, in addition of an extensive work with the articulations of each sound to create a great musical piece. The second track of B side is Dandarinos and it leans towards a minimal house style with some tech arrangements and sounds that makes your brain float inside a delightful sonic experience in what is one of the most beautifully produced tracks from this release.


From Scratch EP

In a short space of time prodigious Dutch producer Pascal Benjamin has built up a catalogue of ear-snagging minimal house confections for labels like Welt, Norse Projekt, Algorhythmic and Botanic Minds. Now he’s hitting the big time with this 12″ on the mighty SlapFunk, and he’s packing just the kind of chunky, swinging but ultimately lean jams they love. “Out Of Line” keeps things focused on the drums, with just some sub bass and microscopic threads of sonic matter in between. “To GoodTo Be Who?” is equally stripped down, but decidedly more wriggly in its make up, and then “Finest Hour” kicks off the B-side with some fatter beats and a more prominent bass line. “Lagrange Point” finishes the EP off with some subliminal bleeps and tones pinging in between the wafer thin percussive pulses.


On A Springroll EP

Makcim & Levi have been taking their time sneaking out stone cold minimal house killers on Raum…Musik, Apollonia and Lazare Hoche in the past, and now they step up to Mandar’s label Oscillat Music with the snappily titled On A Springroll EP. The title track is a bugging, funking workout with splashes of psychedelia swirling in between the chirpy bassline. “HW1” is a dreamier affair for the deep, late morning crowd, and “Jelmeratu” slips into that frame of mind perfectly as well. “Allwin” has sharper edges, keeping things as stripped as possible for the perfect functional micro house tool.



Cabanne has been active for over 16 years and is considered as one of the main players on the minimal house scene. He is well known for his jazz and funk influences which bring a unique groove and tune to this set of 11 tracks LP available mid-October on CD and 3×12′. Discopathy will bring an intense pleasure to minimal house lovers, electronic music enthusiasts and jazz players who will fully enjoy this pure piece of minibarism, comfortably installed close to the flames of a burning dancefloor. This album matured and has been refined for years and it is with great emotion for both Cabanne and minibar label that it is announced today.


It’s now time for the label’s boss Pressure Point with his Rainbow Trasmission which contains micro funky and house music, the genre is in fact the one on which the label is marked.
The EP includes also a remix by the French duo K.O.D (Cabanne & Lowris)

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