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Teyat Prior

The tenth release on Sammy Dee’s Ultrastretch label comes from Vendi, titled ‘Teyat Prior.’
Vendi, a Berlin-based French artist, has previously released on Hoxton London and Bodyparts. As he continues to establish himself as a touring DJ-producer, he cultivates his passion for the arts across a strata of different skills and techniques, including drawing, which has flourished into Vendi becoming a growing tattoo artist, and by playing several acoustic instruments, among them guitar, piano, bass, and drums. He found his way into electronic music in his early 20s by spinning records for his friends at private parties, which moved into mixing at local clubs; he’s since settled in the German capital and become influenced by the minimal-centric output of those artists in his orbit. His Black Sketch Records imprint will launch in 2019.
Title track “Teyat Prior” is an upbeat dancefloor cut with light chords and hypnotic drums; “Haedus,” meanwhile, is a more playful, warped out affair, perfect for the after-hours sunrise. Closing the release out is “Gnosia,” a dark and driving track with gloomy chords over a skippy beat.
The three-track release follows label appearances from Seuil, Giuliano Lomonte, and Foehn & Jerome, among others.


Meeram EP

VENDi – Berlin based, French artist who developed his passion for arts from childhood. After releases on Ultrastretch, Normandy at the begin of 2019,
VENDi give his debut on Subtil with an unique piece of wax. On side A, Meeram and on the flip side Hauskat impress with stunning grooves, hypnotic melodies which takes you on a magic journey. Mybtch exudes more an opaque sluggish vibe, reduced to a minimum, a stumble beat complemented by a handful thoughtful and arranged percussive elements.


Unreleased 005

2×12” 180gr. Vinyl Only.
Written and produced by Alexandru Razvan, Andrea Ferlin, Alex Jansen, Cem Güvendiren, Daniël Lekatompessy, Giuseppe Marchegiano, Topper, and Volkan Akın.
Mastered by Schnittstelle.
Artwork by Juli Jah.

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